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a bimbo named disaster
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adrienne rich, alix olson, ankle socks, audre lorde, bach, balut, bambara, barbara kruger, basketball, beats, being healthy, being the enemy, bell hooks, belly, bharati mukherjee, bitch, bois, boston, chapstick, chomsky, co-dependency, comfort, commies, corporate welfare, cream cheese, creating meaning, cunnilingus, cussing loudly, dancing alone, dar, descartes, discworld, downtown, driving too fast, dysmorphia, economic research, emm gryner, escapism, esthero, ex-girlfriends, existentialism, fair trade coffee, feelin the love, feminism, finding hope, finding purpose, forty-two, frou frou, globalisation, glück, grinning madly, grrls, gus gus, hapa, hoodies, hume, hyphenated identities, hypocricy, intellectual masturbation, irresponsible usage of sarcasm, isangmahal, jazzanova, jet li, jurassic 5, kangol, kant, king penguins, kisses on the neck, kitties, la femme nikita, laughing fiercely, leibniz, ling nam, love, lumpia, mad lion, maiana minahal, manufacturing consent, maynard, miles davis, mindfuck, mister difranco to you, mix cds, moonlight, multiculturalism, my bike, my bum, mydriasis, noisy orange handpuppet birds, non-intellectual masturbation, orbital, pansexuality, people watching, perceiving the matrix, phat pants, philippines, pinay, poli sci, portishead, propaghandi, protest, punkin, rage-ohol, razorblades, really good fucking sunsets, reconnecting, red peppers, revolution action, rostropovich, running, russell wong, sandra cisneros, sarah jones, saul williams, schroedinger's cat, self-apotheosis, self-indulgent introspection, self-love, selling out, sen, sexton, singing out loud, sleeping in late, solitude, spitting enthusiastically, star-bellied sneetches, stephan, straight-edge, stretching out, sunlight on my skin, surviving this, taiko, terris, the fringe, the ghost of rosasharn, the golden rule, thinking globally, tori amos, trip hop, two tongues, understanding mortality, urban outfitters, visayas, vitamin c, walang hiya, walking barefoot, willow rosenberg, witches, zack de la rocha, zinn

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